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“To the Greatness of Small”

Proximity China

From that a theme manifesto and two real Olympic stories, we can convey to the customers the greatness of small and then show the long-held spirits of the brand.

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  • Challenge

    When Alibaba became a top sponsor for Olympic Games, the problem we faced how to find the combination of Alibaba and Olympic spirit? What kind of universal values does Alibaba want to deliver through this stage?

  • Solution

    We find that what Alibaba has been doing since its inception is to support medium-sized and small enterprises and young people, this coincides with the Olympic spirit of giving everyone a fair platform. With 2018 the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Alibaba launches the sound of the Olympic -- To the Greatness of Small. Our idea is to start the advertising campaign with a theme manifesto and two real Olympic stories. Pierce stopped for the little duck in the Olympic Games to witness the greatness of small act. Kenya's first amateur ice hockey team with a dream to qualify for Olympics that tells greatness of small dream. Ali not only sees the power of small, but also takes small actions. During the Olympics, Ali led Kenya’s amateur hockey team who have never seen snow to feel the winter Oly

  • Results

    The first time Alibaba deliver the universal value of "To the Greatness of Small ". Total Exposure is 847,349,262; 109,751,234 total video views; Over 500M reads on Weibo discussed topic; Over 580 domestic and foreign media carried cover story.